Contraceptive patches

The only contraceptive patch available in Poland is Evra. This flexible square-shaped patch (45×45 mm) is stuck onto the skin to release hormones that enter directly into the bloodstream and prevent pregnancy.

Evra contains two types of hormonal substances: estrogen and progestin.

Pros: This method is highly effective. Hormones penetrate into the bloodstream directly from the skin, bypassing the liver, and the dose is smaller than in the pill.

You must remember to change the contraceptive patch only once a week, rather than daily.

Cons: They cannot be used if you weigh more than 80 kg. This may decrease its contraceptive effect.

A sloppily applied patch is less effective. It may cause sensitization, and therefore it is not recommended for use in patients prone to allergies. You must also remember to keep changing the location of the sticker.


How to use it?

Before applying the patch, a gynaecological examination is necessary (as in the case of the pill) to exclude pregnancy and confirm that the reproductive organs are free of any abnormalities, measure blood pressure, and take medical history.

Each packet contains three patches. The first patch must be applied on the first day of the cycle (that is on the first day of menses), and the remaining ones every seven days – i.e. the second in the eighth and the third in the fifteenth day of the cycle. The new patch should be applied immediately after removing the old one. The fourth week is patch-free, and menstrual bleeding should occur during this time.


Who is it for?

For women who want to use hormonal contraception, but they are afraid that they will forget about taking pills; for sufferers of certain diseases of the liver and the digestive system.