Comprehensive assessment of lower urinary tract function

  • Uroflowmetry
  • Flow cystometry
  • Urethral pressure profilometry


When is urodynamic testing performed?

  • Diagnosis of urinary incontinence – testing enables proper qualification for procedure
  • Diagnosis of extraordinary daytime urinary frequency, urinary urgency, and urinary retention – required to obtain drug reimbursement from NFZ (National Health Fund)
  • Persistent urinary incontinence after surgical treatment, including mid-urethral tape procedures (TOT, TVT, mini-sling), or after the removal of the reproductive organs (uterus) in women
  • Prior to removal of adenoma of the prostate in men


How to prepare for testing:

1) The evening before the test, or the morning of the test, stool should be passed (glycerine suppositories may be used).

2) The patient must come to the test with a full bladder.

3) The patient should provide information about their history of procedures and current medication.


After testing:
It is recommended to take a chemical antimicrobial agent or antibiotic to prevent infection of the urinary tract.

Test duration: 40-60 min.


Uroflowmetry – measurement of the rate of urine flow during voluntary voiding

  • Measurement of the volume of urine passed
  • Maximum and average urine flow rate
  • Voiding duration
  • After voiding – assessment of residual urine volume


 uroflowmetry results



Flow cystometry – simultaneous registration of intravesical and intra-abdominal pressure

FS/FD (first sensation/desire to void) approx. 150ml
NS/ND (normal sensation/desire to void) approx. 280ml
SD (strong desire to void) approx. 340ml
MBC (maximum bladder capacity) 350-500ml


VLPP (Valsalva leak point pressure)

>90 cm H2O  type II SUI
<60 cm H2O type III SUI
60< VLPP >90 – combination type II and III SUI


cystometry results


Urethral pressure profilometry – measurement of pressure within the urethra at successive points along its length

  • Provides information on the urethral sphincter function, including MUCP (Maximum Urethral Closure Pressure)


urethral pressure profilometry results